LCD TFT Display Screen 2.4 240x320 (ILI9341) (Raspi and Arduino)


This great little display boasting a 240X320 resolution has a wide support for all your MCU and little ARM/Linux-based boards. It will work on Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi and others.
Oh, did I mention it also has an SD card slot ? Making it maybe one of the best value display we can have to offer.

2.4" Serial TFT LCD 240X320 Display SPI (ILI9341)(Raspi and Arduino)

- LCD screen TFT 240x320 pixels
- 262,000 possible colors (18 bit)
- A-TFT LCD driver with on-chip full display RAM: 172,800 bytes
- Pixel: RGB vertical stripe
- Driver ILI9341
- SPI interface - 4 IO pins
- Color depth: 262k / 65k
- View address: 6 o'clock
- Backlight: white led
- SD card reader
- Screen dimensions: 32.72 x 48.96mm
- Dimensions PCB: 76 x 42 mm
- Ideal for projects with Arduino, Raspberry, STM, AVR

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