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M5StickC 8-Channel Servo Driver HAT


8Servos HAT v1.1 is an 8-channel servo driver module that works with the M5StickC/C Plus series. Adopt STM32F030F4 as main controller to drive servos with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. I2C communication. Embedded power management circuit to control servo ON/OFF with programming. With the rechargeable 16340 lithium battery (with the capacity of 700mAh), it can support Maximum 1.3A load. Applied for robotic and DIY projects.

Product Comparison

Specification8Servos HAT8Servos HAT v1.1
Motor power control / MOS tube control power on/off
Reverse Battery Protection / With circuit protection
Fixing hole / 4x fixing holes
Programmable RGB LEDs SK6812 /
I2C ADDR 0x38 0x36

Product Features

  • 8-channel servo driver
  • Programmable servo power control
  • 16340 lithium battery
  • I2C protocol control (0x36)
  • Reverse Battery Protection


  • 1x 8Servos HAT v1.1
  • 1x 16340 battery (700mAh)


  • Servo controller
  • Robot control


Lithium Battery Specification: 16340, Capacity: 700mAh
Servo drive channel 8-channel
Maximum drive load capacity 8-channel maximum load capacity: DC4.2V@1.3A
Driver no-load standby current DC4.2V@2.2uA
Fixing hole M3
Communication Protocol I2C:0x36
Net weight 28.3g
Gross weight 39.7g
Product Size 52*38*19mm
Package Size 75*46*29mm


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