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Scale Kit with Weight Unit 200Kg- HX711



Scales Kit is a high precision low-cost weighing kit. This digital Scales kit is consist of four pieces of half-bridge resistive strain gauges, with a total weighing range of 200kgs. It is equipped with a 24-bit A/D converter chip HX711, specially designed for the high precision electronic scale. The built-in low-noise programmable amplifier supports 32/64/128 times gain adjustment. With the help of M5Stack core for programming, you can create IoT based Weighing Scale in just a few minutes!

Product Features

  • Total weighing range of 200kgs
  • HX711:
    • High precision 24bit ADC
    • Programmable gain amplification 32, 64 and 128
    • 10SPS output data rate
  • Half-bridge resistive strain gauge.
    • Output sensitivity: 1.0±0.1mV/V
    • Non-linearity: 0.3% F.S
    • Integrated Accuracy: 0.3%F.S
    • Zero output: ±0.3mv/V
    • Difference between upper and lower impedance of each strain gauge: 0.8Ω
    • Output (in) impedance: 1000±5Ω
  • Development platform:


  • 4x Half-bridge resistive strain gauge
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable (20cm)
  • 4x Double-sided adhesive paper (39 * 20 * 0.8mm)
  • 4x Double-sided adhesive paper (39 * 12 * 0.8mm)


  • Electronic weighing

Installation Diagram

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