2WD Pololu 5" Robot Chassis RRC04A Solid Light-Blue (Arduino Compatible) (Robotique)


The 5" robot chassis RRC04A is an 1/8" acrylic chassis that provides a base for our micro metal gearmotors, extended brackets, and 42×19mm wheels. The robot chassis has many mounting holes that let you mount a variety of robot components to it. With a diameter of only five inches, this acrylic chassis is great for building robots capable of navigating tight spaces.

• 2WD Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform
• 2 high-quality micro-speed motor
• Light acrylic body with mounting holes
• Variety of sensors can be added

• 2WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-6V DC 
• Speed: 70cm/S
• Dimensions: 170mm(diameter)
• Weight: 150g
Car chassis × 1
Gear Motor (1:48) × 2
Universal wheel × 1
66mm Car tire × 2
Speed encoder wheel × 2
Fasteners × 2
Battery Box × 1
Power button × 1
screw × some
Nut ×some
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