2WD Mobile platform DFR0310 Upper Deck for MiniQ (Arduino Compatible) (Robotique)



Time to upgrade! This is a upper deck PCB for the 2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis. It is compatible with 9g micro servo and URM ultrasonic mounting bracket. With this upper deck you can upgrade the MiniQ with more sensors, and carry more duties - more possibilities, much more fun.
The leaf pads on the surface make it an ideal on-the-go prototyping board, and it is stackable. You can not only solder DIP components but also solder SMD components with this upper deck.

• 2WD Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform
• 2 high-quality micro-speed motor
• Light acrylic body with mounting holes
• Variety of sensors can be added

• 2WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-6V DC 
• Speed: 70cm/S
• Dimensions: 170mm(diameter)
• Weight: 150g
Car chassis × 1
Gear Motor (1:48) × 2
Universal wheel × 1
66mm Car tire × 2
Speed encoder wheel × 2
Fasteners × 2
Battery Box × 1
Power button × 1
screw × some
Nut ×some
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