Printeasy solder Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 Paste for soldering of surface-mounted (SMD) 20g


aste designed for soldering SMD components in production processes that do not include washing phase. It is based on a ‘no clean’ flux type, that does not require cleaning and its residues do not cause corrosion centres. The product cooperates with all the lead free alloys, it exhibits good tackiness and wettability of soldered surface. It does not lose its physical and chemical properties even after being left for 20 hours on the PCB. This time depends on conditions in room: humidity and temperature.

Technical details
Properties Results Procedures
type of solder Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5
classification of flux REL - 0 J-STD - 004
paper chromatography test on Clfiz satisfy (REL - 0) IPC TM 650
density 4,6 g/cm3 IPC-TM 650T
particle size 25-45 μm IPC-TM 650T
tackiness 1,0 G/mm2 24hafter IPC J-STD - 005
printability more than 8h
SIR-IPC > 2,6*109Ώ, after 7 days IPC J-STD 004
(85 ̊C, in 85%)

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