LM2596S ADJ DC Step-down Module, High Power w/Display 2-3A (Stepdown)


Button to switch measurement of the input or output voltage, and LED indicates the current measurement of the input or output voltage.

LM2596 ADJ DC Buck Module, High Power w/Display 2-3A


  • Including Voltage measurement display, use internal MCU for control and measurement, measurement inaccuracy within ±0.05V, range from 0 ~ 40V. (To ensure the accuracy of the volt meter, please keep to input volt over 4V)
  • Pressing the button to switch the input or output voltage measurement, and a light show which way is being measured voltage, and save the settings, even then boot off.
  • Voltmeter can be turned off when not needed when you can easily touch the left button
  • With cable terminals,  can still be easy to use even no soldering iron, and retention wire connection point
  • Input Voltage 4.0 ~ 40V (input voltage must be higher than output voltage 1.5v or more.)
  • Adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V ~ 37V continuously adjustable (input voltage must be higher than output voltage 1.5V)
  • The maximum output current of up to 3A, normal and stable operating current of 2A
  • Using an internal oscillator frequency 150KHz, belongs to the second generation of switching voltage regulator, low power consumption and high efficiency.
  • With overheating protection and short circuit protection
  • Package do NOT include the screw anymore, also product layout update slightly but more compact (Oct. 2014)
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