Grove - LED Matrix Driver (HT16K33)

Seeed Studio


LED Matrix is low cost and usually used to display simple numbers and images. The Grove - LED Matrix Driver is the I2C based product which allows you to control the LED matrix with our prepared and easy-to-use libraries, or you can create your own library to control it to satisfy your need. The 8*8 LED Matrix can be assembled and unassembled from the driver board easily, so it is convenient to change different color LED matrix display based on your need.


  • Integrated RC oscillator
  • R/W address auto increment
  • Max. 8 x 8 patterns
  • I2C-bus interface
  • This module do not contain a the RED LED Matrix, it's only a drive board.

Typical Application

  • Industrial control indicators
  • Digital clocks, thermometers, counters, multimeters
  • Combo sets
  • VCR sets
  • Instrumentation readouts
  • Other consumer applications
  • LED Displays
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