Electrolytic Capacitor starter kit (120pcs, 12 kinds in 1 package)


Tired of finding a design where you need a specific capacitor value ?
This 120 capacitors starter kit is perfect to fill your capacitor drawers to begin with electronics at a killer price !


Package details (10pcs of each kind) :

  • 50v 0.22uf
  • 50v 0.47uf
  • 50v 1uf
  • 50v 2.2uf
  • 50v 4.7uf
  • 25v 10uf
  • 50v 22uf
  • 16V 33uf
  • 16v 47uf
  • 16v 100uf
  • 16v 220uf
  • 16v 470uf
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