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Capacitive soil moisture sensor (arduino Raspi) moisture


Soil moisture module is most sensitive to the ambient, generally used to detect the moisture content of the soil.When the module can not reach the threshold value, DO port output high, when the the soil humidity exceeds a set threshold value, the module D0 output low;The small board digital output D0 can be connected directly to the MCU, MCU to detect high and low, to detect soil moisture;Small board digital output DO can directly drive the buzzer module or relay module in our store, which can form a soil moisture alarm equipment;Small board analog output AO and AD module connected through the AD converter, you can get more precise values of soil moisture;

Module size: 36 * 15 * 7
Voltage: 3.3-12VDC
Current: work <20ma
Output <30ma
Connect the port: + -do AO
DO: digital output
AO: analog output (voltage)
When soil moisture is lower than moisture, produce a low level
+: Food +
-: Power-
When you connect the power supply, the power LED will light up, the module will start to work.

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