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DC-DC Step-down Power Module, MP1584 [adjustable-Output]

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Use one piece power inductor and synchronous rectifier control chip, smaller and more efficient.


  • Use genius MP1584 IC, aiming for more professional and long term comercial project. (many other mp1584 module may not genuine IC)
  • All the rest periphferial parts are also high quality.
  • Fixed output either réglable from 6.5-28V input
  • Input from right side, and output on right, please see back side pin definition.
  • Adjustable version (the breakout board use potentiometer or multi-turn trimmer pots) is bad for long term use, due to external temperature, vibration, etc.
  • Can be embedded as SMT or DIP part.
  • Work frequency 1.5Mhz, output current 2.5A can work for long term
  • 2000V ESD test as human model
  • Module size 16.5 * 22 mm.
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