BC-04 BK/ HC-05 Bluetooth R2 Prototype Breakout Board Kit


BC-04 K/ HC05 Bluetooth R2 Prototype Breakout Board Kit


It is the bottom board of BC04-BK, support most common type bluetooth core board: BC04-B, EC04-B, support HC05


  • Maxium input voltage 7V, LDO XC6206
  • Output pins: Key, TXD, RXD, 3V3, 5-7V, GND.
  • Key is designed for BC04 to clear the pairing status, can connect to a push key.
  • R2 version add software and hardware master/slave mode select, default is software on. To use hardware select, need cut off connection on software ON with middle pin first.


  • You can just solder the pins which you need, the rest can be left.
  • Each purchase is for one piece of the breakout board.

Schematic please see on this page.

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