2.4G CC2530 Module (Zigbee compatible) xbee


Easy efficient network module. (1 item only, you will need to buy 2 if you want a pair)


  • support Point-to-Point mode or boardcast mode
    • 0% data lost on Point to point mode, only one point to one point,
    • 1% data lost on boardcase mode, all points to all points
  • send and receive in the mean time, no packet length limit, full-duplex
  • wide range of voltage auto support, 3~5.5V
  • operational current 30mA
  • 4.5dBM operational power
  • USB TTL 3.3-5.5V auto supported
  • easy config: button press config
  • open area transmission distance 250 meters
  • on board PCB antenna
  • 16*32mm, wireless 2.4 – 2.45 G
  • Transmission rate 3300 Bps, baudrate support: 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200,14400, 9600, 4800. 2400
  • Serial USB-TTL interface

Config Steps

two red LED on top, two green LED on bottom

StepAction (short press)IndicationNext(long press and release)note
1. Enter into config HOLD button and power up all leds blink in turn enter into next config --
2. Config baudrate switch baudrate see image below enter into next config --
3. Set wireless channel choose channel Led indicate 16 channels, including all leds off status enter into next config if the channel is same, the module can communicate even baudrate is different
Mode set switch in the three modes see image below enter into next config --
5. Confirm -- long press until LED blink in turns, and release LED will remain for 2 secs and done -- --
LED indications
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