RT9266 DC Step-Up Boost Module 5V, 1A


boost stepup Input voltage from 1-5V, output voltage at 5V.

Simple step-up module to use an lower voltage as a sorce for a circuit needing a higher one at 5V.

Features :

  • Input voltage from 1-5V, output voltage at 5V.
  • Output current arrange from 1A, maximally at 1.5A (Nominate power at 5W)
  • Low voltage ripple (less than 30mV), use high quality MCC Capacitor instead of Aliumium Cap or Tantanium Cap, industrial level -40℃ ~ 85℃
  • Very very small size: 14 * 18.8 mm with Standard pitch design DIP12 (IN- to IN+ spacing is around 6*2.54mm)
  • High conversion efficiency up to 96%, but when the input voltage lower, the efficiency get higher, when voltage at 3.3V, efficiency is 80%, power lost at 0.625W. (Should be the highest on this price and size level)
  • Temperature rising at 30℃ on full load

Application: Portable battery charger, 5V system power supplying


  • Reverse connecting protection on low power only when current lower than 2A
  • Undervoltage protection:
    • LED off when input voltage less than 2.7V with load
    • LED slightly on when input voltage less than 2.7V without load
    • LED on when input voltage over than 2.7V with load
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