ATtiny45-20PU (microcontroller, 8-bit, 4kB Flash, 0.256kB EEPROM, 6 I/O)


The high-performance, low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 4KB ISP flash memory, 256-Byte EEPROM, 256B SRAM, 6 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, one 8-bit timer/counter with compare modes, one 8-bit high speed timer/counter, USI, internal and external Interrupts, 4-channel 10-bit A/D converter, programmable watchdog timer with internal oscillator, three software selectable power saving modes, and debugWIRE for on-chip debugging. The device achieves a throughput of 20 MIPS at 20 MHz and operates between 2.7-5.5 volts.

By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the device achieves throughputs approaching 1 MIPS per MHz, balancing power consumption and processing speed.


Flash (Kbytes): 4 Kbytes

Pin Count: 8

Max. Operating Freq. (MHz): 20 MHz

CPU: 8-bit AVR

# of Touch Channels: 3

Hardware QTouch Acquisition: No

Max I/O Pins: 6

Ext Interrupts: 6

USB Speed: No

USB Interface: No

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