GPS Logger Shield  Arduino , Ublox Neo-6M R2
  • GPS Logger Shield  Arduino , Ublox Neo-6M R2
  • GPS Logger Shield  Arduino , Ublox Neo-6M R2
  • GPS Logger Shield  Arduino , Ublox Neo-6M R2

GPS Logger Shield Arduino , Ublox Neo-6M R2


Arduino GPS shield is a GPS module breakout board for Arduino. It can make your Arduino as a GPS receiver with SD storage, it is easy to use for recording the position data into SD card by Arduino



It’s based on u-blox NEO-6M GPS module , and the footprints is compatible with Arduino/MEGA boards. The regular GPS pins (RX, TX) can be connected to D0-D7 of Arduino.

Adding GPS to your Arduino has never been easier. Multiple GPS receivers attach easily to the shield, and with the example sketch (check below), you will be able to locate your exact position within a few meters. Here’s where we are. GPS also gives you amazingly accurate time!  It’s suitable for the following applications with Arduino or Arduino compatible boards :

  • Automotive navigation
  • Personal positioning
  • Fleet management
  • Marine navigation

New Features R2:

  • Support USB-serial, micro usb on board, connect to PC can be recorgnized as a USB-TTL interface, read date directly.
  • Add backup eeprom, and battery to save tmporary GPS data, and quick restore status.
  • Status LED on left top of PCB – power, 1PPS GPS, SPI SCK (when SD card data read and write).
  • DS1302 RTC IC board, including CR1220 battery holder.
  • GPS-Int can select by jumper to D9 or NC
  • GPS-1PPS can slect by jumper to D8 or on board LED or ground.
  • Serial display EDGPU2.2 can display GPS debug data directly. Demo video see here.


  • Software serial or hardware serial connect to arduino, when use hardware serial, arduino should not send data back to GPS, otherwise it will unknown GPS data.


  • Include GPS logger shield main board.
  • 2x 8P arduino stackable pin header
  • 1x 10P arduino stackable pin header
  • 1x 6P arduino stackable pin header
  • 1x 4P short pin header for serial display
  • SMA GPS connector.

Pin headers, SMA connector not soldered in case you need to use it standalone.


  • With Micro SD interface, can log GPS data into SD card.
  • Active antenna design with high receive sensitivity, compatible normal antenna, do not including antenna
  • Extremely fast time to first fix at low signal level
  • UART interface, more analog pins output for prototyping
  • Default baud rate is 115200
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