1602 LCD USB Mini Drive Board, RPI Driver Free (ATmega8A)


1602 LCD USB Mini Drive Board, RPI Driver Free


  • Based on LCD2USB project, simplified and minimium board design for only 1602 LCD
  • Based on VUSB technology, can receive data input directly via microUSB port.
  • Preflashed with LCD2USB firmware.
    • Driver free on raspberry pi system – install python module by command “sudo pip install lcd2usb”. Should be also possible for many linux based projects.
    • On windows, need install libusb32 driver. Can use demo in project github to test.
    • Save your RPI a lot of IOs.
  • Also two detectable input buttons, generally called key-a and key-b on board.
  • Lead out serial UART debug port, but not used by default firmware.
  • More demo code for python in linux please see on this page.
  • Package
    • Include main board, 16P pin female header not pre-soldered.
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