A9G GSM/GPRS+GPS/BDS [Module, Dev. Board] - Mini Development Board


A9G GSM/GPRS+GPS/BDS [Module, Dev. Board] - Mini Development Board

Package of development board

  • Main development board, accelerator IC is not placed on board.
  • GPS/GPRS antenna, and GPS/BGS antenna.

Quick Start Guide

Basic debugging: wiring
  • Development board using the AT firmware, when used in debugging 4-wire connection usb-ttl, connected to the computer debugging: VUSB → 5V; GND → GND; AT_TX → RX; AT_RX → TX;
  • Or use the USB power supply, and then another three lines GND → GND; AT_TX → RX; AT_RX → TX;
  • Or lithium battery VBAT → (3.3v-4.2) V; GND → GND; AT_TX → RX; AT_RX → TX; (VBAT power supply, need to press power_key button for about 2s)
  • A9G development board can use lithium battery or USB power supply.
  • Power 1 ~ 2S module automatically run, this time the serial port will automatically output information. The entire power to the development board to work properly does not require any operation.
  • To reset, press the Rst_Key button.
  • The module enters AT command mode by default.
  • Under normal circumstances, the module power-on initialization is completed flag is + CIEV: READY, the actual module at initialization time requested data from the base station, will issue the date, time zone and time zone information, due to network reasons, will READY After the output. Of course, after the READY appears, it means the module power-on initialization is completed.
Auto-Tune Baudrate
  • A9G has a baud rate adaptive function, the default baud rate is 115200. In the module initial power-on, you can modify the module’s baud rate. For example, my MCU baud rate is 9600, then the module just power up, send a command AT (not limited to this command, only to adjust the baud rate), the module will automatically adjust the wave Special rate to 9600.

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