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Portable DIY Mini Spot Welder Machine 18650 Battery Various Welding Power Supply


Features: * 1. This spot welding pen comes standard with a pair of concentric ball point needles, which is effective. * 2. 18650 battery spot welding pen, suitable for long-term work, improve work efficiency, made of thick brass bar. * 3. The appearance is beautiful and clean, and the heat dissipation is fast. It is suitable for assembling batteries. * 4. The handle of this spot welding pen has double springs for expanding and contracting, both of which can be independently expanded and contracted with moderate force control. * 5. This spot welding pen is suitable for industrial spot welding, practical, durable and strong.

This product is an integrated spot welding pen, which needs to be used with a spot welding machine. It is only a spot welding pen, and cannot be used alone.


* 1. Material: ABS, Brass

* 2. Uses: industrial spot welding

* 3. Working voltage: DC 4-12V

* 4. Current: ≥ 800A

* 5. Pen length: about 155mm

* 6. Cable length: about 85cm

Package Includes:

1 x spot welding pen

2 x concentric ball needle

2 x Spring

1 x Hex Key

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