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Smoke sensor (with relay output)

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Simple smoke sensor with relay output. You only get HIGH or LOW, you can also use it to get some higher current in your circuit when the sensor is activated.


Operating voltage: DC9V
Standby current: 10UA
Induced current: is less than 30MA
Output relay normally open, normally closed, or the output high and low
Adjustable sensitivity
Operating temperature : -5 -50 degree

Smoke module wiring instructions

Black: Power ground

Red: positive power supply DC9V

White: Relay normally open

Blue: relay common

Green: The relay normally closed terminal

Simple test method:

  1. Press the test button for 3 seconds
  2. Light starts flashing
  3. The relay is now normally open with the common terminal connected.
  4. Send some smoke, the led starts flashing again and the relay activates.
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