ASUS Chargeur portable 45W UX21E/UX31E/X406UA


Chargeur portable 45W UX21E/UX31E Asus

Adapter, Voltage =19V,  Ampérage = 2.37A, 45W, 4phi, 2P, convient Asus : E402BA, E402WA, E402YA, N543UA, Q406DA, T300LA, T304UA, TP300LA, TP300UA, TP301UA, TP410UA, TP412FA, TP412UA, TP412FA, TP412UA, TP420IA, TP501UA, TP510UA, UX305CA, UX305FA, S501UA, UX305LA, UX305UAUX310UA, UX330CA, UX330UA, UX331FA, UX331FAL, UX331UA, UX331UAL, UX333FA, UX334FA, UX360CA, UX360UA, UX410UA, UX430UA, UX431DA, UX431FA, UX433FA, UX434DA, UX434FA, UX460UA, UX461FA, UX461UA, UX462DA, UX560UA, UX561UA, UX562FA, X302LA, X302UA, X321JA, X330FA, X330UA, X333FA, X403FA, X403JA, X405UA, X406UA, X407UA, X407UB, X409BA, X409DA, X409FA, X409JA, X409UA, X411QA, X411UA, X412DA, S412DA, X412FA, X412UA, S412UA, X420UA, S410UA, X412UB, X415DA, X415JA, X420FA, X420UA, X421DA, X421FA, X421IA, X430FA, X430UA, X431FA, X432FA, X441BA, X411MB, X441NC, X441SC, X441UA, X441UB, X441UR, X441UV, X442UA, X456UA, R457UA, X507LA, X507UA, X507UB, X509BA, X509DA, X509FA, X509UA, X510QA, X510UA, X512DA, X512FA, X512JA, X512UA, X512UB, X512UA, P1504UA, P1504UB, X512UB, X513IA, X515DA, X515JA, X515FA, X521IA, X530FAX530UA, X531FA, X532FA, X540BA, X540LA, X540LJ, X540MB, X540NV, X540SC, X540UA, X540UB, X540UP, X540UV, X540YA, X541NC, X541SC, X541UA, X541UJ, X541UV, X542BA, X542UA, X543UA, X545FA, X556UA, X556UF, X712DA, X712FA, X712JA, P1701FA, S406UA, S430UA, X509FA, F509UA, F509FA, K418UA, S532FA,  F411QA, S410UA, 0A001-00692500, 0A001-00696500, 0A001-00699800, 0A001-00691800, 0A001-00692800, 0A001-011004000A001-00693500, 0A001-00693800, 0A001-002363000A001-002379000A001-002386000A001-002387000A001-002325000A001-002350000A001-002364000A001-002378000A001-00693600, 0A001-00233700verifiez le voltage et ampèrage sur le chargeur


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