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M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED
  • M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED
  • M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED
  • M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED
  • M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED
  • M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED

M5stack Glass 2 Unit w/ 1.51inch Transparent OLED


Glass2 Unit is a 1.51-inch transparent OLED display unit that adopts the SSD1309 driver solution. It supports the I2C communication interface (default address 0x3C) and has a built-in solder pad that allows changing the communication address to 0x3D. It is suitable for home products and control devices, and can be used for information display, status indicators, or user interfaces, embedded into various home products or control devices to achieve interaction with users.


Glass2 Unit has a glass area of 42x27.16mm, with a display area of 35.5x18mm and a resolution of 128x64 pixels. It features 256-level brightness control, allowing users to see the display content clearly with rich details and sharp images. The excellent brightness and contrast ensure clear and readable display effects in various lighting environments.

Glass2 Unit is compatible with M5Stack's development platform and rich product ecosystem, allowing users to unleash their creativity and develop various applications and functions. Whether it's developing small games, creating personalized information display interfaces, or connecting with other M5Stack devices, the Glass2 Unit provides strong support and endless possibilities.

Compared to Glass Unit, the Glass2 Unit does not include an STM32 MCU. By changing the I2C address through the onboard solder pad, it can only control two Glass2 Units simultaneously. If you need to control multiple Glass Units simultaneously in a project, you will need to connect them using the PaHUB2 Unit. Additionally, by eliminating the intermediate processing step of the STM32 MCU, the Glass2 Unit improves refresh efficiency, enabling faster content updates or response to input signals, as well as providing smoother and more fluid image or animation displays.

Glass Unit Glass2 Unit
Built-in STM32 control scheme, can simultaneously control dozens or even more via I2C bus Glass Unit . The I2C address can be changed through the onboard pad, so only two Glass2 units can be controlled simultaneously through the I2C bus. To control multiple Glass2 units in the project, please use PaHUB2


  • 128x56 transparent pixels (128x64 total pixels)
  • Display area 35.5 x 18mm
  • Glass area 42mm x 27.16mm
  • 1-bit color depth
  • I2C Addresses: 0x3D
  • support for programming platforms:Arduino、UIFlow


  • 1x Glass2 Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable (20cm)


  • Embedded display
  • DIY toys


Resources Parameters
Screen 1.51 inch transparent OLED
resolution 128*64
Display color blue
Display area 35.05*18(mm)
Panel size 42.04*27.16*1.25(mm)
Perspective direction Full view
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Logic voltage 3.3V
I2C address default:0x3C(You can switch the communication address to 0x3D with bonding pad)
Product Size 53*42*6mm
Package Size 136*92*13mm
Product Weight 9.1g
Package Weight 13.9g


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