M5Stack ATOM Lite ESP32 Pico Development Kit


M5Stack ATOM Lite ESP32 Development Kit features a 240MHz dual-core ESP32-PICO chip that comes integrated with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technologies. The board has a 4MB of integrated SPI flash memory and provides Infra-red LED, buttons, and HY2.0 interface. This ATOM lite board provides more GPIOs for customization that are suitable for embedded smart home devices and in making smart toys. The board can also connect to external sensors and actuators through 6 GPIOs. This ATOM lite board operates at a 5V supply voltage and 0°C to 40°C temperature range. The development board is available in 24mm x 24mm x 10mm dimensions. Typical applications include the Internet of Things (IoT) terminal controller, IoT node, and wearable peripherals.

  • ESP32 Dual Core @ 240MHz, 600DMIPS, 520KB SRAM
  • 4MB de Flash
  • Connexion Wi-Fi et Bluetooth
  • Antenne intégrée
  • Alimentation: 5 Vcc / 500 mA (via USB type C)
  • 6 GPIO sur connecteurs femelles 4 et 5 contacts au pas 2,54 mm
  • 1 connecteur Grove (I2C/GPIO/UART)
  • 1 bouton-poussoir libre d'utilisation avec Led RVB SK6812 3535
  • 1 Led infrarouge
  • 1 bouton Reset
  • Boitier plastique
  • Température d'utilisation 0°C à +40°C
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 10 mm
  • Poids: 3 g
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