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Widora-AIR ESP32 module WIFI V6 version battery interface Bluetooth Artwork

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Widora-AIR V6.0 is an ESP32 (ESP8266 successor with bluetooth) board that is very thin and can be stacked on a breadboard. You can start prototyping you app with bluetooth 4.0 and wifi in a few minutes.
Moreover, you can use atom, arduino and other ide to develop for it in a range of languages (C, C++, LUA, Python, etc.)

1. To prevent customers being pit, store highly recommended CP2104 super stable USB to serial program, earnest, do not be CH340 and PL2303 and other trash piece pit.
2. Support automatic download, no need to manually switch download and run mode, no matter mac, linux, win is a make flash cool download firmware.
3. Immersion gold process, white solder mask, black ultra-fine silk screen.
4 support macOS, Windows (cygwin simulation environment), Linux system development.

Widora-AIR ESP32

5. Compatible with ESP-WROOM, NODEMCU, Arduino
6. Support lithium battery interface, the default charge current is set to 333mA.
7. Because Lok Xin official SD card sample program occupies GPIO2, resulting in the use of SD card routines will appear unable to download the program, AIR V6 has done for this situation has been fixed.
8. Size size is 61.6 * 17.78mm, very small and cute, direct insert package board, both sides can also stay 5 rows of holes!
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