Peltier Module TEC1-12706 (0-16.4v, 0-6.4 A, 40x40x3.8mm)


This powerful peltier module will make a temperature delta between its two faces. Enabling you to go well bellow 0 degrees (celsius) on one face if you cool the other one enough.

Operating Max.

Hot Side Temperature (oC) 25°C 50°C
Qmax (Watts)  50 57
Delta Tmax (°C) 66 75
Imax (Amps)  6.4 6.4
Vmax (Volts)  14.4 16.4
Module Resistance (Ohms) 1.98 2.3


A: 40, B: 40, C: 3.9


Operating Tips

  • Max. Operating Temperature: 138oC
  • Do not exceed Imax or Vmax when operating module.
  • Life expectancy: 200,000 hours
  • Please consult HB for moisture protection options (seeling).
  • Failure rate based on long time testings: 0.2%.
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