5V Module Laser Pointer - Red Point
  • 5V Module Laser Pointer - Red Point

5V Module Laser Pointer - Red Point


This laser pointer or laser pen is a small handheld device with a laser diode emitting a very narrow coherent low-powered laser beam of visible light, it is frequently used in lecture halls and demonstrations to point at topics of interest on a presentation board. In a school setting, they have become ubiquitous, and they are very useful teaching aids.

Please note that DO NOT Point this module to eyes directly, It may cause some blindness, glare and afterimages.


Warning: This module is not protected. If you apply a wrong voltage or reverse the polarities, it may stop functionning and it won't be covered by the warranty.

Application Idea

  • Pointing
  • Industrial and research use
  • Leisure and entertainment


  • Supply voltage:5V
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