Transceiver Ethernet, KSZ8041TL, TQFP, 48 broches ( CMS SMD )


Transceiver Ethernet, KSZ8041TL,  TQFP, 48 broches ( CMS SMD )

Product detail

The KSZ8041 is an unbalanced 10Base-T / 100Base-TX physical layer transceiver, which provides MII / RMII / SMII interfaces for transmitting and receiving data.

Single-chip 10Base-T / 100Base-TX Physical Layer Solution

Low consumption.

Consumption <180 mW

Power off and power saving modes

Integrated 1.8V regulator for the core

Asymmetric power supply (3.3 V)

HP Auto MDI / MDI-X for reliable detection and correction of intermediate and crossed cables, with deactivation and activation options

Resistant operation on standard cables

MII interface support (KSZ8041NL only)

RMII interface support

External 50 MHz system clock (KSZ8041NL or KSZ8041TL / FTL)

25 MHz Quartz / Clock Input and 50 MHz Reference Clock Output to MAC (KSZ8041RNL)

Support for the SMII interface

125 MHz external system clock and 12.5 MHz synchronization clock from MAC (KSZ8041TL / FTL only)

Fiber accepts 100Base-FX (KSZ8041FTL only)

MIIM management bus (MDC / MDIO) to 6.25 MHz for fast configuration of the PHY register

Optional interrupt pin

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