PiFi Digi+ is a high-quality S/PDIF board for the Raspberry Pi Sound

PiFi Digi+ is a high-quality S/PDIF board for the Raspberry Pi


1. The use of high-end digital chips WM8804G chip , I2S interface; supports 16-24 audio data formats; distortion and dynamic is very good, tall 192kHz sampling rate support, advanced shake reduction technology can be intrinsic jitter ( Intrinsic period jitter) control within 50ps RMS, the high degree of reduction.

2. The use of optical fiber and coaxial outputs two output interfaces, user-friendly external amplifier

3. Support in hardware volume control (I2C interface)

4. The power supply uses Raspberry Pi powered, no external power supply; and the use of π-type filter power supply design, effectively reduce the interference of power supply

5. I2S interface using direct digital output, reproduction and high non-USB interface DAC mode, do not use other extensions Raspberry Pi GPIO

6. Provide power indicator light, easy to observe the expansion board status

7. PCB board with gold plating on the tall, curved traces (high-end HIFI DAC are using curved alignment), to better ensure the continuity of the impedance signal to reduce signal reflections and refractions.

8. Good sound thanks to real materials, optical interface using imported HIFI-class high-quality fiber seat, coaxial interface is used Pluse imported audio isolation transformer at the same time provide good audio digital audio device you are well protected and board ! ! ! (Cost of similar foreign products to have been removed, in order to sound good reliability we will not begrudge the cost, never cut corners)

9. The integrated infrared receiver function, when there is no network, easier to control playback.

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