IR Remote with receiver kit (Infrared remote control kit, arduino, raspberry, etc.)


One Remote to rule them all.


  • CR2025 environmental protection button batteries, capacity : 160 mah
  • Working Distance: more than 8 m ( effected by the surrounding environment, the receiver sensitivity etc )
  • Effective Angle: 60 degrees
  • Surface materials: 0.125 mmPET stick, With effective life : 20000 times.
  • Stable quality, cost-effective
  • Static current 3-5 uA, dynamic current 3-5 mA

Infrared Receiver Sensor

  • 100% new, never used
  • Includes high-speed high-sensitivity PIN photodiode and a low -power, high-gain preamplifier IC, plus the use of epoxy resin dry outer shield anti- scratch design , the product has been part of environmentally friendly products through REACH and SGS certification, infrared remote control system used as a receiver .
  • Low power consumption ; wide-angle and long distance reception
  • Strong anti-interference ability , able to withstand environmental disturbances
  • Outside interference shielding design
  • Ultra- compact design package with outer shield anti-jamming capability , built-in CMOSlC
  • Voltage :2.7-5 .5 V
  • Receiving distance :13-15M
  • Size: pin lenght:21mm

Package included:

  • 1 X Remote Control
  • 1 X Infrared Receiver Module
  • 1 X Cable
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