TPS54334DDA Switching Regulator, Abaisseur, Ajustable, 3A( CMD SMD )

Texas Instruments

Switching Regulator, Abaisseur, Ajustable, 3A, SO PowerPAD 8 broches


Product detail Step-Down DC / DC Converters (Built-in Switch) 9-30V Max Input, Texas Instruments DC-DC Switching Regulator Converters (integrated switch), Texas Instruments Texas Instruments' range of highly integrated, high efficiency switching voltage regulators includes boost, buck, step-up / step-down (boost / buck), and inverter types, providing efficient solutions for every regulator application. DC voltage Technical characteristics Attribute Value Maximum output current 3A Maximum output voltage 24 V Step-down regulator function Minimum output voltage 0.8 V Minimum input voltage 4.2 V Maximum input voltage 28 V Output type Adjustable Type of mounting SMD Number of outputs 1 Number of pins 8 SO PowerPAD enclosure type Switching regulator Yes Maximum operating temperature +85 ° C Width 4mm Height 1.55mm Maximum switching frequency 684 kHz Dimensions 5 x 4 x 1.55mm Minimum operating temperature -40 ° C Length 5mm

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