Circuit time regulator 12VDC IC NE555 10A KIT


Circuit time regulator 12VDC IC NE555 10A KIT

A simple timer based on the NE 555 time system. It can measure time in three subranges:
-1 range from 1 sec. up to 10 sec
-2 range from 12 seconds to 3 minutes
-3 range from 1min to 25min

Changes to the sub-range are made by dipswitchem. Time setting in particular subranges takes place by means of an adjustable resistor on the timer board or by means of a potentiometer, which is installed alternatively on the wires to the screw connection. The choice should be made at the stage of assembly: will we use an adjustable resistor or potentiometer outside the plate to set the time.

Buzzer starts after the timer is triggered for the time of the countdown. If no acoustic signaling is needed, then we do not assemble the buzzer.

Non-stabilized or 12VDC stabilized power supply with a current capacity of at least 100mA, eg a plug-in power supply.
A receiver with a current consumption of less than 10A can be connected to the screw connection.

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