Modules de charge (& de restitution, avec ou sans boitier)

Convertisseurs DC/DC "Step-Down"

Step Down XL4015 5A 75W Module LED Drive...

7,00 €
DC-DC XL4015 5A Numérique LED Drive Lithum Batterie Chargeur Module CC/CV USB Step Down Buck Converter Avec Voltmètre ampèremètre

Mini Solar/Lipo Charger Board

10,00 €
In our application, especially in some outdoor applications, we often need to use the lithium battery, lithium battery charging problem is a need to solve the problem, we designed this mini lithium battery charging board. Board size is very small , It can use external power supply, such as solar or USB power supply. It uses CN3065 - a single lithium...
Puissance et Energie

Lipo Charger Pro (Lipo Rider Pro compatible 1A...

12,92 €
The LiPo Charger is extremely affordable and easy to use. No programming is required. Plug it in and it works. The internal charger IC handles all the power flow between the various components.
  • Prix réduit / -1,70 €
Puissance et Energie

Grove - XBee Carrier Charging Lipo and solar

16,30 € 18,00 €
Charging Lipo and solar XBee Carrier is a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) base board designed for Bee series and groves. It is primarily suitable for standalone Bee Nodes like RN-171-XV WiFly, RFBee, Wifi Bee. Besides a Bee receptacle, there are also two Grove connectors. The board cab be powered by a lithium battery or through USB cable. You can use a...

Petit module de charge et step-up pour batterie...

5,00 €
Comme les LiPo Rider ce module permet de charger vos batteries à partir d'une source 5v (usb par exemple) tout en sortant un 5v constant pour vos applications. Il se branche directement sur une batterie Lithium Polymer ou Lithium Ion.
Puissance et Energie

Battery Charger by Solar Powered System or USB

6,25 €
Chip Features: Constant-current /constant voltage linear charger for single cell Li-ion and Li Polymer rechargeable batteries Suitable for Solar-Powered System Automatic Low-Power Sleep Mode When Input Supply Voltage is Removed on-chip power MOSFET and eliminates the need for the external sense resistor and blocking diode. An on-chip 8-bit ADC can adjust...
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