Battery Charging module Lipo/USB ( 18650 )
  • Battery Charging module Lipo/USB ( 18650 )

Battery Charging module Lipo/USB ( 18650 )

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Battery Charging module Lipo/USB ( 18650 )


Product Description

The latest addition to mobile power chips

First, the performance:

1, charging input: 5V1A

2, the chip output: 5V1A

Second, the interface:

1, the input interface: MICRO USB female port

2, the output interface: standard USB female port

Third, measurements Size:

Long * wide * high 50 * 20 * 10mm

Fourth, for the battery:

Polymer lithium battery, 18650 lithium battery, cell phone battery 3.7V standard lithium battery, can be a single (chip) power supply, but also multi-section (chip) in parallel power supply. (Increase capacity in parallel)

Not available: dry batteries, batteries, 1.2V rechargeable batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium iron polymer lithium batteries, etc., can not be multi-section series to use!

Fifth, the light:

Charging: Red light.

Full: green light.

Load: Blue light.

Note: The chip itself has been on-board SMD LED lights, 6 expansion port can be extrapolated LED as a display.

Note: lithium battery positive then B +, lithium negative then B-, any time reverse the battery are very likely to burn the circuit, burn the circuit does not guarantee!

6, identification circuit:

At present, the chip directly supports IPHONE and other devices need to charge the phone to identify the charge

7, protection board:

With lithium protection board, anti-overcharge and over discharge.

8, standby loss:

Quiescent current extremely small, do not need to install the switch.

9, the use of:

After the first power, there is no output, you need to charge the port 5V power input 5V or MICRO USB port to activate it.

X. Warranty Description:

As the DIY special, regardless of quality or your man-made problems, the use of a unified way about the warranty: Our spare parts will be detected after the shipment intact, DIY use, if any questions, within one month, the parties bear their freight, free maintenance or Replacement, there are any problems within six months, the buyer bear the freight, free maintenance!

Purchase kits and spare parts Please fully evaluate their ability, can not buy people to buy their own to buy, DIY easy to pay tuition fees, accidentally broke the component is a common thing.


1. Lithium battery connected to the positive and negative boost board can not be reversed, otherwise it will burn the board!

2. If the battery is not connected after the power, the boost board charging can be activated!

3. After the booster board is connected to the battery, do not touch the components on the board by hand!

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