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Debugger DevPack for SensorTag Dev Kit (CC2650...

18,33 €
The Debugger DevPack plugs into the SimpleLink™ SensorTag Evaluation Kit expansion header to debug the kit. With SensorTag technology you can easily develop Cloud applications using the SensorTag app that is available via iOS and Android. In terms of debugging software, you can use either Code Composer Studio (the DevPack includes a free Code Composer...

CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit

Texas Instruments
29,26 €
The CC2541 SensorTag is the first Bluetooth Smart development kit focused on wireless sensor applications and it is the only development kit targeted for smart phone app developers. The SensorTag can be used as reference design and development platform for a variety of smart phone accessories.
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Capacitive Touch BoosterPack for LaunchPad...

Texas Instruments
12,00 €
The Capacitive Touch BoosterPack is a complete hardware and software reference design for implementing touch sensing capabilities using an MSP430G2xx Value Line microcontroller device! The plugin board features a capacitive touch button, scroll wheel and proximity sensor. This BoosterPack fully demonstrates the benefits of the MSP430G2xx2/G2xx3's...
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MSP-EXP430F5529LP Launchpad

Texas Instruments
14,00 €
TI's MSP430 Launchpad board is a perfect start in the MSP430 family with the value line chips (msp430g2xxx). With the fact that you an easily remove the chip to put in your own circuit or program nearly all the msp430f2xxx and msp430g5xxx chips, it makes for a great project factory at a very low price. Also, the pack comes with two micro-controllers (you...
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