SPK-B Bluetooth audio module

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Bluetooth module is designed for product design of Bluetooth speakers. Has the characteristics of high integration, small size, just with a few external components will be able to achieve its powerful features. With A2DP, AVRCP transmission and remote control protocol any Bluetooth audio device (such as: Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, computer Bluetooth adapter, etc.) to establish a connection, to achieve high-quality stereo audio stream wireless receiver, and audio player remote control. BLK-MD-SPK-B Bluetooth stereo receiver module to the user interface, remote control buttons work the status indication interface, stereo audio output interface.


  • Class2 power level.
  • The built-in lithium battery charging circuit.
  • Powerful noise elimination circuit.
  • Effective transmission distance up to 20 meters.
  • Follow the Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR Bluetooth specification.
  • Support A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4 profiles
  • Integrated EEPROM configurable operating modes and parameters
  • Stereo audio output can directly drive 40mW @ 32Ωspeeker without the need for DC-blocking capacitor
  • Integrated power-on reset and programmable low voltage monitoring function
  • 5 Control buttons, including the switch machine play pause button, volume plus the volume down on the one, the next one. Supports no button automatic connection function.
  • 2 LEDs used to indicate different working status

Application Ideas

  • All kinds of high-quality Bluetooth stereo audio receiving device.
  • All kinds of high-quality Bluetooth stereo speakers, audio.



  • Power supply decoupling capacitors should be located close to the module pins.
  • The module substrate should be fully Shop (antenna below can not shop), and in the position of the substrate covered with insulating white oil.
  • The audio circuit ground and other ground should be separated, sufficient grounding at the power ground separate alignment
  • Module ground should be separated from the other ground at full power ground traces alone in the ground.
  • All the ground should be a large number of shop copper, multi-punched.
  • The module antenna placed as far as possible the edge of the base plate, the antenna near metal objects can not have, to ensure good communication with the outside world.
  • Is preferably the antenna protruding floor, or to the floor below the antenna milling empty.



  • BT-Speaker of the module name
  • Module pairing code 0000
  • Baud Rate 115200
  • Module size: 14x23mm
  • Working pressure VBAT: 3.4 - 4.2V
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