2x50W Mini Amplificateur Audio Stereo HIFI TPA3116D2

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2x50W  Mini  Amplificateur Audio Stereo HIFI  TPA3116D2


  • Audio type: TPA3116D2
  • Input voltage: DC 5-24V
  • Operating frequency: 20Hz-20Hz
  • Output Type: Dual Channel; Stereo
  • Machine size: 84 * 51 * 29mm (without potentiometer)

All-round protection system

  • with power reverse protection
  • speaker output short circuit protection
  • With switch anti-impact design
  • switch machine without “POP” sound


  • Power supply recommended for 24V, do not exceed this voltage!
  • Do not short-circuit or short-circuit the audio output
  • Please check carefully before powering on, make sure that the wiring is correct

Package includes:

  • Main TPA3116D2 board
  • Potentiometer and knob
  • XH2.54-3P Audio cable.

Documentation available on this page.

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