ATtiny 13 45 85 Programmer AVR Shield
  • ATtiny 13 45 85 Programmer AVR Shield
  • ATtiny 13 45 85 Programmer AVR Shield
  • ATtiny 13 45 85 Programmer AVR Shield

ATtiny 13 45 85 Programmer AVR Shield

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This is AVR programmer, designed as a arduino shield. In this way, you can program most of the AVR ICs with arduino IDE and using arduino board as ISP. The AVR Programmer Shield allows you to program ATtiny and ATmega microcontrollers using your Arduino. Instead of pulling out the breadboard and wiring everything up every time you want to (re)program a microcontroller, you can just use this shield! It features a  socket so inserting / removing the microcontrollers is a breeze. It also requires no additional software; everything is done through the Arduino IDE or avrdude.



A simple development arduino shield for programmer Attiny13, 45, attiny 85, all eight pins output, and on board testing LED on pin2 (PB3). Great for making small fun projects.


  • Simple and cheap Attiny 8 pins IC programming shield.
  • All eight pins of IC is lead out on the side
  • Testing LED is selectable by jumper.
  • Extra reset capacitor support to reset target when upload code again without re-power it.

How to use:

  • Flash the arduino main board with arduinoISP sketch
  • plug the shield on the arduino, and start to flash boot-loader and sketch.


Documentation: Relevant Attiny13 and attiny85 core files for bootloader please refer to this page.

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