G1/2 Electric Solenoid Valve (Normally Closed)

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This is a normally closed G1/2 12VDC electric solenoid valves with barbed inlet and outlet ports, great for projects involving low viscosity fluid control. You can find it ubiquitous on applications like automatic faucets, foot operated faucets, drinking fountains etc.


  • Normally closed
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel inlet filter
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Working voltage: 12VDC
  • Max current: 450mA
  • Rated power:5W
  • Operating mode: normally closed
  • Inlet/Outlet ports: G1/2”
  • Materials: nylon/ stainless steel/Polyoxymethylene
  • Vale type: diaphragm valve (operated by servo)
  • Filter screen: stainless steel inlet filter
  • Insulation: insulation resistance between conductors and non-conductor is greater than 100MΩ
  • Insulation class: E class insulation
  • Pressure: This is the micro-pressure valve (with pressure), issuitable for 0.02-0.8MPA pressure
  • Fluid: (0-100 ° C) water
  • Water flow characteristics (with pressure-type): 0.02Mpa> 1.5L / min; 0.10Mpa> 7L / min; 0.30Mpa> 12L / min; 0.80Mpa> 20L / min
  • Life: ≥50 thousand times (laboratory data) ≥30 million times (actually normal use)
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