USB HID to UART, RS-485 Extension Board

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USB HID to UART, RS-485 Extension Board

Typical USB HID devices include keyboard, mouse, handheld barcode scanner, print, etc.

The board can transfer two channel of standard HID signal:

  • betwen USB HID and UART interface
  • betwen USB HID and RS-485 interface (UART-to-RS-485)
  • Two channels can be configured as slave or master devices, default both slave.

USB signal transfer distance limited in five meters, RS-485 singal can transfer up to 1KM.

The typical application is USB signal extension, USB data anlayze or integration, or switching between mutiple USB devices.

Board Features:

  • Two channels USB HID devices in
  • Output interface includes:
    • Directly UART pin header interface
    • UART to USB output (switching by jumper)
    • RS-485 output (switching by jumper)
  • One status LED indicator
  • More settings of working mode, baudrate can be set via backside jumper.
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