Smart Fan Cooling Control Board for Raspberry Pi

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Smart Fan Cooling Control Board for Raspberry Pi


For more advanced raspberry pi 3/4 (RPI), it is very necessary to add cooling solution to keep the temperature down.

This is a addon board with small fan on it, it can be controlled by RPI GPIO 12 or on board temperatue sensor LM75, fan can be turned on only when temperature raised.

  • On board DC-DC power module and standard DC jack, allow 5.6-14V to 5V 4A output. Power supply for raspberry pi, fan,  and can also output to cable terminal for other devices.
  • Output 3.96mm cable terminal, connector and socket can be seperated.
  • On board power LED, and power ON/OFF switch.
  • On board LM75 temperature sensor, used on Raspberry Pi IIC interface.

Note when use this board and external 12V power supply to DC jack, you should not use micro USB power anymore, otherwise it can damage board.

Demo code please see here, in fan folder, can use commands nohup to run script in background for long term.

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