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Module LED 16x32 RVB Matrix 96mm x 192mm p6 écran intérieur

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The ultra light and ultra thin LED matrix panel we have ever seen! It consists of one fully assembled panel and a 10 pin IDC cable. There are 512 bright RGB LEDs on the panel. Large view angle makes the brightness never decay when watching from the side. The panel module is also chainable, which can be connected together to make an extra long display. 

Indoor display
Ultra thin design
Ultra light weight 
Low power
Large view angle
Display color: RGB
Pixel pitch: 4.0mm
Diameter of pixel: 3.0mm
Pixel resolution: 16x32
The Best View: 2-4 Meter
Scanning mode: 1/16 scan rate
Weight: 28g
Outline Dimension:

96mm x 192mm

Interface protocol: Hub08
View angle: over 160 degrees
Peak Power: 4W
Average Power: 3.5w
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