MIKROE-2026 - Carte de développement portable Hexiwear, Mikroelektronika

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MIKROE-2026 - Carte de développement portable Hexiwear, Mikroelektronika

Accessoires pour processeurs
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Hexiwear Docking Stations
Marque: Mikroe
Coeur: ARM Cortex M0, ARM Cortex M4
Type de produit: Processor Accessories

Getting started

Wake up

Six capacitive buttons surrounding an OLED display make up Hexiwear's user interface.

A double tap on any of the buttons will wake up the device and light up the OLED display to show the home screen.

If double taps don't wake up the device, the battery is probably empty. Connect Hexiwear to a power supply through the Micro USB port on the side. Charge for a while then try again.


From the home screen, a single tap on the lower right button will bring you into the menu. Use the pair of buttons to the right side of the screen to browse through the list of available items. Two dots on the right edge of the screen are visible wherever vertical scrolling is available.

The two buttons below the screen are for entering and exiting folders or turning settings on and off.

If you are left-handed, you can set up your Hexiwear so that the buttons on the left side of the screen are used for vertical scrolling. From the Home Screen, go to Menu >>> Settings >>> Active buttons.


If the Hexiwear unit becomes unresponsive, you can reset it using the button on the rear side. You will need a pin, needle, paper clip, or similar item to press reset (same type of tool used for ejecting SIM cards out of cell phones).

Hardware features

Buttons, ports and LEDs

Hexiwear has a hexagonal form factor suitable for a wearable or a standalone device deployed in the field. Here's what you see from the outside:

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