2.4" TFT LCD Shield Touch Panel Module Micro SD (For Arduino UNO compatible)

10,58 €
Ever wanted to know how to make a simple drawing program on a LCD display, or are you curious about programming touch screens?


  • 2.4" diagonal LCD TFT display, QVGA Resolution (240 X 320)
  • Bright, 4 white-LED backlight, on by default but you can connect the transistor to a digital pin for backlight control
  • Colorful, 18-bit 262,000 different shades
  • 4-wire resistive touchscreen
  • 8 bit digital interface, plus 4 control lines
  • Uses digital pins 5-13 and analog 0-3. That means you can use digital pins 2, 3 and analog 4 and 5. Pin 12 is available if not using the micro SD
  • A reset button on top
  • Graphic Driver: IL9341
  • 5V compatible, use with 3.3V or 5V logic
  • For Arduino UNO compatible
  • Size:72 x 52 x 12 mm


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