Motor DC long axis high torque 5-9V 18000RPM

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The new 480 motor, stable performance, long-term uninterrupted work, carbon brush, long life, very durable. The motor current is higher, you can not use the dry cell or 9V square battery, to use high-capacity lithium batteries such as 18650 battery or power supply.

【Rated voltage】 7.4v

  【Voltage range】 5-9V

[Measured parameters] 7.4v time, the current 2.35A, speed of 18000 revolutions per minute

【Reference Size】 Length 57.5mm * Width 29.5mm * Height 25mm

[Length of the shaft] 12mm (excluding step height)

[Shaft diameter] 3.17mm

Motor step height of about 4mm, diameter of about 11mm

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