V6 3D Nouveau kit de buse de tête PLA ABS d'extrudeuse d'imprimante / mise à niveau de la tête d'impression V5 P

9,00 €

1, reducing the length of the radiator, thickness and diameter (shorter length helps increase the stability of the hot end), while increasing the number of heat sink, the hot end to reduce weight while having better heat dissipation and stability .

2, change bulky external rotation aerodynamic connector for the built-in pipe card, to further reduce the weight and reduce the length of the hot end, but also make the feed pipe deeper into the hot end, feeding more powerful (pneumatic connector can only be inserted into a short feed tube, easily lead Feeding is not smooth and other issues).

3, to improve the original heating block, the appearance of more concise and practical, heating pipe, thermistor and aluminum contact more fully, so that temperature control is more precise and prominent.

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