M5STACK JoyC (W/O M5StickC) Omni-directional Controller

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JoyC is a rocker module designed for the M5StickC.It supports two-hand operation. Embedded STM32F030F4 main control chip, using I2C communication protocol and host M5StickC for data transmission. The range of the joystick is 0~200, there are 12 RGB LEDs under the left and right joysticks, and the bottom of the joystick is equipped with a 16340 battery base for continuous battery life.

Product Features

  • STM32F030F4 inside
  • communication protocol: I2C (address: 0x38)
  • support omni-directional movement/button press


  • 1x JoyC
  • 1x 16340 700mAh Battery


  • Game Handle
  • Wireless Joystick Device


Communication protocol I2C:0x38
Net weight 81g
Gross weight 117g
Product Size 200*55*50mm
Package Size 119*89*65mm
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