M5Stack Basic Kit (ESP32 dev module, Wifi, Bluetooth 4, LCD, Battery, etc.)

40,00 €

This is one of the greatest kits available for the ESP32. Gives you a nice polished enclosure, a back module with connectors and a small battery, an usb type c cable and jumper wires. If you need to have a nice one shot product or a polished prototype using wifi and/or bluetooth, this is the kit you need.

With the protoboards (not included) and upcoming modules you can add any features you need as shields.

Oh, did I mention you can program it using the Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, Micropython and others ?

CORE ESP32 Development kit: More than a board. Stackable, product levelPowerful ESP32. Screenshots of included guide.Basic kit contents and applicationsDIY Examples

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