Encodeur PEC11L Series—11 mm Low Profile

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Un encodeur vertical pour vos projets: c'est comme un potentiomètre mais sans fin. Il envoie des pulses à votre micro controlleur pour vous signaler les directions de rotation. Ce type d'encodeur est beaucoup utilisé en HIFI.


This is a 20-step rotary encoder with a nice ‘clicking’ feel.

It’s breadboard friendly, and has a pretty handy select switch (by pushing in on the knob). The encoder is different from a potentiometer in that an encoder has full rotation without limits. The unit outputs gray code so that you can tell how much and in which direction the encoder has been turned.

  • This item is also used on the Smart controller LCD kit of Ramps both two type this 2004 version and full graphic this.
  • The shaft length is 20mm, a little bit long than normal one.
  • This unit does not include a cap for the shaft.
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