6-30V LED Drive, PT4115, PWM Tuning
  • 6-30V LED Drive, PT4115, PWM Tuning

6-30V LED Drive, PT4115, PWM Tuning

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6-30V LED Drive, PT4115, PWM Tuning

Product Description

LEDs need constant current, for example normal LED has 350mA constant current, but 3.0-3.6V varying voltage, this board do this kind of work.

IC Features:

Simple few peripheral parts
Wide input voltage range: 6V to 30V
Up to 1.2A output current,
Single pin on/off and brightness control using DC voltage or PWM
Up to 1MHz switching frequency
Typical 5% output current accuracy
Inherent open-circuit LED protection
High efficiency (up to 97%)
Current setup: LED current is set through a sense resistor. The output current I is equal to 0.1/Rs. If want ~300mA, chose a 0.33 ohm resistor. If you want 350mA, choose a 0.27ohm resistor. (Check wiki page for further setup.)

Breakout board support up to

1W, 10W, 30W high power LEDs in our store
also can shortly or not fully power 50W or 100W LEDs. 33V for 100W LEDs can work but not recommdedded for long term.
Tested 5 Meters LED white strips.
Pin Definition:
IN +: Positive power supply IN-: Power supply negative.
LED +: Connect the LED’s anode LED-: Connect the LED’s cathode
PWM: Light Strengh control: dimming control signal (2.8V-6V turn on)
PWM signal limit frequency: 20HZ-20KHZ, recommendations: 1KHZ or so
Each purchase is for 2 pieces boards.

Documentation, schematic, datasheet please see on this page.