MD02 motor drive 17A H bridge Super L298N BTS7971


MD02 motor drive 17A H-bridge current detection Super L298N BTS7971 Freescale smart car


Operating voltage: 5.9-40V

Working current: 17A

Logic input: 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V (max)

PWM frequency: 100kHz

Current Detection: 50mV/A CS Pin

Reverse Voltage Protection: None (VM and GND must not be reversed)

Undervoltage protection: Yes

Short circuit protection: Yes

Pin Default Status Description

VM power input, voltage range 5.9-30V(max)

MA1 motor output wiring positive

MA2 motor output wiring negative

Connect GND to negative power supply

PWMA low-level motor speed PWM signal input, can realize motor speed adjustment

DIRA Low level motor direction control. When high, current flows from M+ to M-, and vice versa from M- to M+.

SLP low-power mode, default low level, need to keep SLP pin high

The CSA current detection pin is only valid for positive and negative reversal. The output voltage is proportional to the current (50mV/A) and the voltage is 0.05V when the current is zero.

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